Ned Kelly Wood Heater OUTLAW with 3 speed fan

Cheminees Philippe RADIANTE #846 2V (2 Sided) ROPE SEAL KIT Replacement - Custom Size *Free Shipping

WFS - CP846GRkit2.7
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Premium Custom

2 x Single Door Rope Seal Replacement Kit

Graphite Fibreglass Rope

Suitable for Model:

Cheminees Philippe

#846 2V - (Two sided)

Custom made please allow 7-10 business days handling.

Rope Replacement Instructions

1. Surface is required to be cleaned thoroughly with wire brush prior

to rope replacement process.

2. Repainting surface with Stove Brite provides best results.

3. DO NOT STRETCH ROPE during replacement process.

*Free Shipping Australia Wide

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NED KELLY WOOD HEATERS Proundly Manufactured in Victoria

The Ned Kelly Wood Heater was first manufactured in Daylesford Victoria by Colin Richardson the owner of Daylesford Engineering in 1984. These iconic heaters are still produced today built by Brenton Van Workum made from start to finish from the same Daylesford workshop. Built to last, the firebox is made of 6mm steel. A local product greatly supported with a loyal following in their own Shire community of Hepburn Springs and around the Australia. Woodfirestove are a proud distributor of the Ned Kelly Wood Heater.

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