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NEW Ned Kelly Wood Heater OUTLAW with 3 speed fan

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Ned Kelly Wood Heaters combining engineering excellence with the rustic appeal of country styling, a freestanding model that provide maximum heating efficiency and comfort while perfectly complementing contemporary or classic housing styles, with their clean simple lines. Ned Kelly Wood Heaters have an excellent overnight burn ability and feature the latest in clean burn technology, providing a heater that produces virtually no smoke and a minimum of ash, requiring less frequent emptying. Combining these universal features with the individual characteristics of each Ned Kelly Wood Heater, there is certain to be a model to suit you and your family.

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Introduced into the range in 2014, this is the Ned Kelly Outlaw Woodheater.

The Outlaw combines an innovative round design with all the tried and true features of our existing models, the result is a truly unique and eye-catching heater with great performance to match.

Features unique to the Outlaw include; a lasercut round top plate, rolled steel shrouds and base, and a durable rolled 6mm steel firebox with extra depth for less frequent ash removal.

Other features shared by the full range of Ned Kelly Woodheaters are retained including;

  • Shrouded convection firebox that projects heat from the fire out into the room without the need for a fan.
  • Three stage burn with baffle for efficiency, making the most of the wood you are burning, and keeping the heat in the room, not up the flue.
  • Self Cleaning Glass Door.
  • Single, light touch air control, that is easy to operate.
  • Overnight burn capability.

Add Style and warmth to your home with a distinctive Ned Kelly ‘Outlaw’ Woodheater.

Outlaw Features:

As well as being affordable, safe and easy to operate, Ned Kelly Wood Heaters feature:

  • Clean burn technology
  • Overnight burning
  • Large loading front door
  • Top plate cooking surface
  • Easy finger tip control air setting
  • Air wash glass cleaning system
  • Rear heat shields on free standing models
  • Removable baffle plate for heater and flue maintenance
  • 6mm thick firebox with a 10 year warranty
  • 3 speed fan on Bushranger and Outlaw models
  • 100% Australian made

Ned Kelly Wood Heaters have been tested to comply with:

  • Australian Standards Compliance for Safety and Efficiency (AS 2918:2001, AS 2918:1990)
  • Australian Standards Compliance for Emissions
    National Standards AS/NZS 4012 (2014) AS/NZS 4013 (2014) AS/NZS 2918 (2018)
  • Overall Efficiency 61%

All our models are finished with a heat resistant paint, brass plated handles and nameplate.

Colour range available: Metallic Charcoal and Black.

Outlaw Specifications and Installation Details

Weight: Approx 125kg

All heaters must be installed by a qualified installer.

Installation, Hearth and Flue Requirements.

Ned Kelly Woodheaters comply with AS/NZS 2918:2001 .

The flue kit must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 2918:2001. A standard triple flue kit is required and must conform to AS/NZS 2918:2001. The minimum flue height is 4.6m above the floor protector.

Please Note: Heating capacities may vary according to type of firewood used and moisture content, climatic conditions, home design and insulation levels. All installation requirements stated are a minimum recommendation.

Ned Kelly Wood Heater OUTLAW Mk11 Operation & Installation Instructions.pdf

Ned Kelly OUTLAW Mk2 – Operation & Installation Instructions.pdf

About Ned Kelly Wood Heaters

Located In Daylesford Victoria, Ned Kelly Wood Heaters has been manufacturing quality, clean burning Wood Heaters since 1984.

A Ned Kelly Wood Heater will provide impressive warmth and atmosphere to your home, with a distinct style that is unlike anything on the market. Each Ned Kelly Wood Heater is individually handcrafted from locally sourced quality materials.

As Ned Kelly Wood Heaters feature clean triple burn technology we are able to provide a heater that produces virtually no smoke and a minimum of ash, therefore requiring less frequent emptying than other fires. The efficient burn of Ned Kelly Wood Heaters makes the most of your firewood, generating maximum heat and keeping it in the room, not up the flue.

The large self-cleaning glass door remains clear during normal operation.

Ned Kelly Wood Heaters also provide the flexibility to adjust the level of heat output with a simple light touch air control. Allowing for maintained warmth and the convenience of overnight burning without the need to re-light the heater in the morning.

The range of Ned Kelly fireboxs are constructed from durable 6mm steel and feature a 10 year warranty.

Combining these universal features with the individual features of each Ned Kelly Wood Heater, there is certain to be a model to suit you and your family.

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