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RIPPLEBROOK Indoor Log Rack with Kindling Holder and Fireplace Tools / Wood Holder FIREWOOD STORAGE

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indoor log storage

with 4 Piece Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set

Colour: Satin Black

New heavier 10mm diameter iron firetools and looser twisted iron handle.

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The ‘Ripplebrook’ log rack also holds your kindling and comes with a beautifully crafted twisted wrought iron 4 piece fireplace tool set. The complete indoor firewood, kindling & fireplace tools storage solution.

Colour: Black

Dimensions: Approx L33cm x W33 x H76cm (Overall width including tools 41cm)

Boxed for shipping : Assembly required

Assemble on a bench or flat surface, bolt together loosely until level, then fasten securely .

Weight: Approx N/W 6.3kg / G/W 7.3kg

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This product may vary slightly from photographs shown.

Tool Set comprising of:

Poker, Tampico Brush, Shovel & Tongs

Improved Firetools handles All-in-one: Now 10mm diametre iron with looser twist handle

(previously 8mm with tighter twists)

Steel Frame Stand

Twisted Wrought Iron Firetools Style.

Wrought Iron is iron that has been heated and then worked with tools.

Cast Iron is iron that has been melted, poured into a mold, and allowed to solidify.

The fundamental distinction between cast iron and wrought iron is in how they are produced. The differences can be found in the names: wrought is a past participle of work (“worked iron”), and cast describes anything formed by the casting process.

*Wrought iron of old is no longer produced on a commercial scale. Many products described as wrought iron, are actually made of mild steel/iron. They retain that description because they are made to resemble objects which in the past were wrought iron (worked iron) by hand by a blacksmith (although many decorative iron objects, including fences and gates, were often cast rather than wrought) the cast wrought iron was brittle and would break if dropped, as with cast iron.

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