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Coalbrookdale Darby Spare Parts Australia – WOODFIRESTOVE

Coalbrookdale Darby Parts Australia

Coalbrookdale Darby Parts Australia


Woodfirestove offer a selection of spare parts for the Coalbrookdale Darby and Severn Wood stoves.
The Coalbrookdale Stoves are no longer manufactured in the UK however many were sold in Australia, by offering our replacement parts catalogue the present custodians of these magnificent crafted cast iron stoves are able to keep them operating as intended.

The Coalbrookdale Darby

In 1709, the first Abraham Darby rebuilt Coalbrookdale Furnace, and used coke as his fuel. His business was that of an ironfounder, making cast-iron pots and other goods, an activity in which he was particularly successful because of his patented foundry method, which enabled him to produce cheaper pots than his rivals. Coalbrookdale has been claimed as the home of the world's first coke-fired blast furnace In Europe to operate successfully.
The company's main business was producing cast-iron goods. Molten iron for this foundry work was not only produced from the blast furnaces, but also by remelting pig iron in air furnaces, a variant of the reverberatory furnace. The Company also became early suppliers of steam engine cylinders in this period.